Monday, April 18, 2011

Broccoli coated with Cream & Cheese

Hello April :-) You are my favorite month of the year. I wanted to say Hi to you on your first day in 2011 but I realized the month is past half already. I was tremendously exhausted and busy with work the past weeks. Flying back and forth to Bangkok and Ho Chi Minh then to Manila for a TV Commercial and a print shoot is such a tiring thing to do when you only have limited time. Despite that I still managed to steal a few moments of free time to do a little shopping, site seeing and eating of course! But aside from that, the fun part about my job is meeting new talents (model) it's been a while since I had my way of doing photoshoot Manila style. Finally I had it again. The prize... I was able to mingle and have photos with my talents. One is an Italian model and the other is a Filipino born in LA. It was nice knowing Gio Salvador and Paolo Valera.

For the other story of my Bangkok trip, I was able to do a short trip to the old city of Thailand which is Ayuttaya, a two hour ride by bus and maybe less than an hour by taxi or van. I took the bus and it's such a waste of time. But riding taxi was never my option because it quite expensive. I didn't appreciate the place that much because I have already seen Angkor Wat which really amazed me when I saw it last year. Anyway, it's a good thing that I was able to see the place and will never return again. On the other hand, I also have a little free time in my country to show my colleague a little portion of the city where I grew up--Manila!

Being in Manila as a tour guide and a tourist as well is quite a nice feeling actually. I get to appreciate my country and I was able to share some of our cultures and heritage. I brought my colleague to the university where I graduated Fine Arts. It has the feel of Europe and it's the oldest and the only royal and pontifical university in Asia. I'm not sure about the world. Then we had a quick tour at the wall city which is Intramuros and Fort Santiago. Then finally we headed at Barbaras in Casa Manila for lunch.My colleague was serenade by Filipino guitarists and singers!

My conclusion, I had too much food from Bangkok and Manila trip which really made me gain a few pounds. So I'm back to my regular phasing in Ho Chi Minh and currently doing some diet. So my post here says it all. My favorite Broccoli with cream & cheese!



• Broccoli
• Grated Mozzarella Cheese
• Heavy Cream
• Vinegar
• Garlic
• Salt and Pepper
• Butter


One of the simplest comfort food I had these days. To begin, just boil water with vinegar and salt then add broccoli. Let it boil from 2-3 minutes. Be careful losing the brilliant color green broccoli has. Drain when ready and put it on a plate. Ready a small pan then put in medium heat. Add butter and finely chopped garlic. Add cream then followed by cheese. Let the cheese melts and season it with pepper. Put salt if necessary. Serve and eat!

Happy mid-week mates! :D

big hug,
joanie xxx


Joy said...

So good to feed yourself with delicious things when you are very very busy! Good luck with it all Joanie!

pierre said...

simple and very good !!Bravo the artist !!Pierre

pierre said...

simple and so good !!
bravo the artist !!Pierre

Joanie said...

Thanks Joy for dropping by as well... as always :)

Chef Pierre thanks for the compliment and for always visiting my blogsite :-)

RJ said...

Your job is interesting, Joanie!

But yes, you really know how to make LIFE interesting. That's what I like about you.

I can imagine the taste of this broccoli recipe, pero 'yong cream at cheese may mga fat pa rin. I am not very conscious about it, anyway. U

I wanted to see those 3000+ photographs you've taken from your European tour. How?

Joanie said...

Hi RJ,
Thanks for the appreciation. I know the cream and cheese are bad, but they are just so hard to resist. Regarding Europe and UK trip, add me to Facebook if you have one. I posted everything there :)

Anonymous said...

Perfect way to cook broccoli. Love it.