Saturday, June 11, 2011

Shitake Mushroom Bruschettas

The beautiful month of June has arrived and before I knew it, it's more than ten days had pass and I am just writing my first blog. Recently I had a photo shoot at Geisha (the cafe where I work during weekends) with my recipes on their menu. I did the food styling and the photography out of generosity. Today, I am posting this lovely and colorful Shitake Mushroom Bruschettas to represent how colorful life can be. It's just my way of musing things and giving meaning to the food I concoct.

Back home, June is considered as the wedding month decades ago. But through the years things have changed. Couples are detaching from the old school mindset of choosing to get married on the month of June. So to speak, December to February is now the popular choice because of the cold weather. April also climbs the chart because of the summer heat and the beach wedding theme. A lot of people are now breaking the traditional rules of the boring and repetitive ways of executing a wedding occasion. Every couple just wants to be different. And in the future I would assume I am not an exception.

Autumn. Probably my most favorite season of the year. I like the turning of leaves into tangerine and the falling from the branch of trees. And look how lovely the Autumn flowers are? Thanks to OnceWed for the photos here. It serves as my daily inspiration on how to see my matrimonial event as simple, exclusive yet colorful in an opaque or subdued tones.

To every woman, wedding day is a fairytale but for me it's not. I don't even want anyone to witness how I exchange my I DO's except for the priest or who ever will conduct the ceremony and that's it. It's the solemnity and exclusivity that matters to me. Many people ask me why? Don't you want us to see you walk down the aisle? I don't know what to say. Maybe because half of my life I had this inferiority with the crowd. I hate to deal with so many people. Even with friends I am most likely happy to deal with just one constant companion. I always like intimate bonding than a group of crap.

This appetizer called bruschetta hails from Italy and it is my all-time favorite appetizer. Have you heard of Torino, Puglia, Positano, Siena, Verona, Amalfi coast, Cinque Terre and Fiesole? These are some off-beaten paths that I am currently eyeing to visit as I go to Italy this September for quite a long period of time. I am excited to bask under the Tuscan Sun and feel the breeze of the wind during Autumn. I would love to have the Italian cuddle once more. More to speak, I miss everything about Firenze. They say our fate is a fair share of what is destined for us which we are not in control of and half is something we have to put our actions. For me fate is like Newton's third law of motion. In every action there is an equal or opposite reaction. So I am taking a big leap and risk whatever my palm is holding right now to seize the moment where life and fate takes me. I always wanted to break my routine and as much as possible I risk eloping from the ordinary life. I believe life is colorful and I hold the responsibility to choose the color palette I want. Whatever is bound for me in Italy, I know my heart will be happy to discover whatever it is.

In the meantime, I still love the world of advertising as I exert my creative juices on a daily basis. In a few days I am off to fly to Bangkok again for a photo shoot.

big hug,
joanie xxx


Joy said...

They look lovely!
And who is that dancing?

Debbie Martin said...

Oh geez, that was sweet. I like the bruschettas that match the autumn wedding feel. Are u getting a Tuscan wedding? Oh oH?!!!

Michael Toa said...

What beautiful bruschetta Joanie! I am drooling all over which is not good because I am still at work... :)
Autumn is my favourite month as well. I hope you are well.

Papunette said...

Hi Joanie, that's so exciting your planned trip to Italy for this Autumn. And you are right: Torino and Cinque Terre are not the most famous tourit destinations in Italy but Turin is my city and Cinque Terre one of the most beautiful places I've seen. I'll make a note in the diary and try to write a post about them before your trip. Best wishes! Papunette

Joanie said...

JOY, Thanks so much. Couple dancing from OnceWed.

DEBBIE, Tuscan wedding ahem. We'll never know what life brings lol!

MICHAEL, Thanks Michael... I hope I can spend Autumn with you in UK.

PAPUNETTE, Will you be at Turin sometime Sept to January? I will look forward to more of your Italian post :)

Jimmy said...

Those bruschettas look SO fine!! Really, amazing work. I hope they taste even better than they look! Cheers!

International call

Fresh Food said...

Did you say you did the photography? Fantastic, they look beautiful! Nice musings too!

Joanie said...

JIMMY, maybe it tastes better in person :)

JASON, yep I did the photography with all the photos in my blog :)