Thursday, July 14, 2011

Radicchio & Okra Consomme

It's been raining hard the past days here in Saigon and apparently it's my favorite weather. I would just love to stay in bed then cuddle my pillow and stay lazy as I watch the rain on my window pane. This weather is also the perfect time to make some soup for the hungry tummy. Since I am lessening my intake of carbs, I decided to make my favorite soup concoction on this rainy evening of Bastille day. I marry the slimy texture of okra with the purple radicchio and together I boiled it in beef broth. So the usual tactic, before eating-- I am excited to take photos of my food for my ever dearest blog. I fancied placing my autumn leaves from Paris as part of my food set up. I just remember the day I picked them as I walk around Ch√Ęteau de Vincennes in Paris. I just miss France and I want to go back again to probably visit Versailles, Provence and Bordeaux. Soon.

So today, I am happy to have cooked again this consomme dish in commemoration for France independence which they usually call Bastille Day. I also love French dishes so as their taste palette. It's another cuisine that I am opening myself to immerse with in the future. Now, I am a bit sleepy mates and I am taking off another trip to Bangkok tomorrow morning. I hope I can get unfamiliar food trip this time and steal some moments to shop. I promise myself to go back to Bella Napoli.



• Onions (minced)
• Radicchio (shredded)
• Okra (sliced)
• Beef Broth
• Salt & Pepper
• Thyme
• Olive Oil
• Butter (of course)


Heat pan in medium temperature with butter and drizzle with some olive oil. Add minced onions and saute until a bit of a golden brown. Add the the radicchio and okra then saute with the onions. Seasoned with salt, pepper & thyme. Add next the beef broth and simmer the mixture for 2-5 minutes and it's done. Serve in a bowl or cup. Bon Appetit!

Happy Bastille Day!!!

big hug,
joanie xxx


Joy said...

What a great soup! And wonderful photoes! I love your Jamie picture banner too!

Joanie said...

Thanks Mama Joy :)

Debbie Martin said...

This is what you call soup matie! :D

Jimmy said...

Oh wow. Tried to make this and failed, I'm not a very decent cook. But my girlfriend managed to finish it and, what can I say - it's finger lickin'! Thanks so much for the recipe! :)

call Nepal

Joanie said...

Debbie, not much of herbies though :p

Jimmy, lucky gf! keep cooking and u will be good in no time, I can assure you that! Continue visiting my blog so you can try my recipes. Thanks! :)