Sunday, August 21, 2011

Olives & Cherry Tomatoes Fusilli

Good morning Sunday! What a sunny day to share a lunch, isn't it matey?

How is it going with me lately? I am in a bit of afloat and pending mind. Tomorrow or Tuesday perhaps, I'll be finally receiving the result of my visa for Italy. Oh dear GOD, I still hold on to your promise-- positive result, thy will be done! Non-refundable air ticket- check! Tuition fee full payment- check! Housing reservation payment- check! Outbound air ticket from Milan to London on December-check! But the feeling of twirling and kinda twisted at the moment is how I juggle my mind--just like my dear pasta called Fusilli.

This Fusilli pasta dish is also one of the dishes in my Geisha menu. Again not much people order for it maybe because of the unfamiliarity with the word Fusilli and mixed with my Aubergine Caviar Pate will definitely sound foreign to the local consumers. But then again few Westerners have sat down for this already and they dearly like it. I hope one will stumble on this dish and will get to order it at Geisha Cafe.



• Aubergine Caviar (see my previous post for the recipe)
• Cherry tomatoes (sliced into halves)
• Green Olives ( sliced)
• Fusilli Pasta (boiled)
• Fresh Basil (chopped)
• Garlic
• Salt & Pepper
• Olive Oil
• Butter (of course)


Heat pan with butter and add a little olive oil. Saute garlic and avoid it turning into brown. Add Cherry Tomatoes then next will be olives. Saute for 3-5 minutes then add the Aubergine Caviar. Mix well along with the boiled Fusilli then have a dash of salt and pepper. If mixture gets dry add a good lug of olive oil then top it with the chopped basil and serve into a plate.

Buon Appetito Amici! :D

big hug,
joanie xxx


Joy said...

Yum! Good luck with your visa, I hope it all goes smoothly!

Michael Toa said...

I have my fingers crossed tightly everything will run smoothly.
Lovely summery pasta dish. Just my kind of meal.
I tagged you in 7 links game, if you have the time, please play along. Details can be found on my lastest post.
Have a great one Joanie. Keep us updated.

Anonymous said...

So many changes on your blog! And you met Jamie Oliver???????? It's been ages ms. artist chef. i start blogging and i will have my blog ready soon.

mye mye

Anonymous said...

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Zharmagne said...

Butter... Is so good but so deadly! I have yet to try one of your recipes. Hope tom see u soon.

Joanie said...

Hi Michael and Joy,

Thanks for constantly following me. I am about to post a beautiful blog today.

HI Zharmagne... yes it is indeed. So in Italy, they love Olive oil, should I say life is better with olive oil? extra virgin dapat ha! lol doesn't rhyme though :p

Anonymous said...

looks really GREAT!!!