Thursday, April 26, 2007

Carrots Alemany

The lady with the rosy white cheeks... I wonder what is her secret. Let me ask Carrots Alemany, a preschool teacher, married with one kid. Her secret... living her life the way she's always wanted to---like teaching at a preschool somewhere in Dela Costa, Makati and taking care of her little baby. Obviously simple things in life that will make us happy will surely manifest in our aura as a person. Look at Carrots. She's so lovely and pretty. Aside from her intangible secrets, Carrots is not into meat, but veggies. Her proof, when she also ate the salad of her husband and end up not finishing her paella. On the other hand her husband finished the Perth steak that I prepared.

Carrots is with her husband---A businessman who owns a sugar mill in Bacolod City. I think her husband belongs to a clan similar to the families of Anton Lagdameo and Jules Ledesma. They all have one thing in common---sugar mills. I find this couple so elegant yet so humble.

My "photo booth" inside my little condo.

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