Monday, April 09, 2007

Riezel Correa

Meet Riezel Correa, Vicky Que's friend. She is a product of UP Los Banos and also having her master studies in Korea. Riezel is as nice and friendly as Vicky but somehow bubblier. They have something in common with Vicky and her boyfriend---they both left every plate very empty.

This is the new table set up I prepared. Improving, isn't it?

The Lettuce-Grape-Squid Trio. Really nice and healthy salad.
Good choice as appetizer. Would this salad be the second best?
Next to my Shrimp and Mango Medley.

We had our souvenir photo, of course. Riezel was with her dear
boyfriend David. I think he is working at CANON.

Riezel is so sweet to bring me a bar of Korean Chocolate.
Thanks to you Sweetie...
And for more pictures visit Riezel's blog:

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