Monday, September 03, 2007

Gino de Guzman

The next longest and most fun conversation I had with my customers since Kelly Lim was with Gino de Guzman. The most romantic guy that landed The Artist Chef nest. A well-organized date for his very dear friend/girlfriend, Aimee. The couple are both very young and bubbly---they were giggling when they shared me their own love story. They met during college in DLSU and ended up together. After four years in a relationship, they ended it up as good friends instead. But you will see in this blog the efforts of Gino in trying to win the girl's heart.

As the they savor the food I prepared for them

The Bruschetta Platter easily disappeared

The Clam Linguini Pasta with Basil and Tomatoes plus the Grilled Fish Tarragon also didn't survive

Caught in the act while emptying their plates

Their sweet smile while eating the main dish...

...that became even sweeter when they ate the Apple Chocolate Fondue

Sweet and romantic night for the couple

I was impressed and surprised at the same time when Gino asked me if he could bring quartet during the dinner. I sadly said no because I'm afraid that a quartet might not fit the place. But I quickly suggested that a violinist would do. Gino no longer replied. On the day of reservation, a man came ahead of them---the violinist for the night.

We must all have our souvenir photo with the violinist because it's a first and since Gino paid P3,500 bucks for 30 minutes of music from the violinist. We must make most out of it.

Their photo gallery for that night

Gino and Aimee are really so cute and sweet together :-)

Now they are both busy working with their respective careers in HP-Hewlette Packard. Gino's efforts are really amazing; he's really so romantic. I hope things will turn out well soon...


Anonymous said...

aimee.. ;P

Anonymous said...

haha, i love them both. go aimee!

Anonymous said...

aww.. isn't that just the sweetest thing.. how very picturesque too.. ^_^

Anonymous said...

naks naman..! si kuya gino pala toh! hahah! coolness.. =)

Anonymous said...

friends nlng tlga kayo..hmm..nice
my gf knb na iba ngaun?

miss u so much FF!!!!

hope 2cu soon!