Monday, April 30, 2007

Lud Lim

Another happy chinese customer I had was... Lud Lim. He's a chinese businessman fron Binondo. He confessed that he loves to travel and he's also very adventurous when it comes to food. No wonder he landed having his dinner with The Artist Chef.

I felt humiliated when I wasn't able to play a background music during their dinner. My music player exploded. So unlucky of me that day. Despite that they were able to enjoy their dining experience.

The famous Mango and Shrimp Medley

ME, in action putting the dressing

With Lud is his fiancee. I wonder if they are married already by now...

Thursday, April 26, 2007

Carrots Alemany

The lady with the rosy white cheeks... I wonder what is her secret. Let me ask Carrots Alemany, a preschool teacher, married with one kid. Her secret... living her life the way she's always wanted to---like teaching at a preschool somewhere in Dela Costa, Makati and taking care of her little baby. Obviously simple things in life that will make us happy will surely manifest in our aura as a person. Look at Carrots. She's so lovely and pretty. Aside from her intangible secrets, Carrots is not into meat, but veggies. Her proof, when she also ate the salad of her husband and end up not finishing her paella. On the other hand her husband finished the Perth steak that I prepared.

Carrots is with her husband---A businessman who owns a sugar mill in Bacolod City. I think her husband belongs to a clan similar to the families of Anton Lagdameo and Jules Ledesma. They all have one thing in common---sugar mills. I find this couple so elegant yet so humble.

My "photo booth" inside my little condo.

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Heintje Yao

If there's one name that is hard for me to pronounce, that's Mr. Heintje Yao. It took me a while to get learn how to pronounce his unique name. He is a businessman that deals with metal and wood furniture. They are the first couple to have wine as part of their menu. I think they enjoyed the food and the night because of the special occasion they are celebrating.

Heintje is with her banker girlfriend---prim and proper is the best way to describe her. They are both wearing classy black attires for that evening.

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Artist Chef Meets Sexy Chef

It's a rare chance when you meet a person with the same passion as yours. Two weeks ago I went to Boracay and met the SEXY CHEF herself, Rachelle Alejandro. A very nice person, she willingly shared her business with me. Well might as well capture the moment with this cute photo op with her.

We exchanged calling cards aside from discussing our different but somehow the same business which is food. She is into the Southbeach diet for health buffs while mine is a private intimate dinner for couples. Might check out her resto one of these days.

Me, at the Mango Ray Restaurant in Boracay. Still can't believe the short encounter I had with the SEXY CHEF. Haha!

Friday, April 20, 2007

My version of Kani Salad

This is my own version of Kani Salad. Never thought it was this easy to prepare. This will satisfy your craving without the guilt because it's very light even if you eat a lot. Best served with authentic japanese mayo. KEWPIE is the best japanese mayo brand. You can avail of that in any japanese grocery in town. I bought one in Makati near MCS and Little Tokyo. :-)

Thursday, April 19, 2007

Tony Lu

Meet Mr. Tony Lu and wife Therese. Tony aspired to be in advertising but ended up handling big brands and worked with big companies like Abott and Universal Robina. In URC, she met Terese---from there they came a long way. Living evidence is their cute daughter.

Kate is Tony's cute daughter. He insisted in bringing her because
Kate wanted to see the set up---the petals and all the candles.

It's nice to see a happy couple with their daughter doing
something new as their way of bonding together.

2 more pictures for their never ending smile.

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Meat Balls & Salami

The day I learned about Rahelle Ray, I never stop following her TV programs, her magazine, her website and her life! The good thing about her is that she shares every new recipe she concocts---same here with me, I want my reader to learn how to cook decent food. Here's my pasta meatballs photos stuffed with cheese and tomato and basil as sauce. Good enough to feed a hungry hippo. For the sauce, use the same procedure as the tomato and basil. For the meatballs, it's ground beef sirloin with all the spices you want plus flour and egg then stuff them with cheese.

Best match for this pasta is a refreshing strawberry lassi milk shake.

And for the incredible eater, if the pasta meatballs still not enough---a huge sandwich will complete your meal. Introducing my Salami Sandwich, I used wheat bread plus loaded with lettuce, tomatoes, cucumber and my mayo dressing! Food Preparation, Food Styling and Photography by yours truly, The Artist Chef.

Monday, April 16, 2007

Jake Gonzales

Meet Jake Gonzales, a former advertising accounts person who is now in the client side. With him during the dining was his wife and they are celebrating their anniversary. What I like about them is they both love pictures because aside from these photos I'm publishing---they also brought their own camera. Jake often making kulit about these photos... So here they are. Hope both of you enjoyed your night together at my place.

The kilig part of the night---when I gave the couple one souvenir shot together.

These is the nacho salad that Jake bravely chose for
their appetizer. My posterized version of the photo.

And more of their sweetie photos together

Sunday, April 15, 2007

Devil Prawn Bruschettas

One of my boyfriend's favorites among the dishes I concoct. Wanna know why? This bruschetta is very spicy and tasty because of mushroom and garlic in it---plus the jabanero. Really makes him perspire with every bite. This is also the same bruschettas that I gave my boss Pedi before he left for Europe.

I believe this bruschetta is best with thai milk tea. Something spicy and
something sweet. Again the Food Styling and Photography was done by yours truly.

Friday, April 13, 2007

Cathy Yu

Meet Cathy Yu, a chinese florist who was enticed by the idea of The Artist Chef dining. So here she is having her dining experience along with her husband. She insisted to bring her son because no one will take care of the baby . The baby looks like my chinese friend Harvey Diez---baby version. Aside from that there's one thing that is unforgettable about Cathy---when she asked me to fax my set meal menu instead of email. I find that kinda funny. Anyway she also offered a deal; it's like a tie-up, her flower business and my intimate dinner. But as of the moment I don't see any demand for flower arrangement, unless my customers will request for that.

This table setting was specially made for Cathy.

Family portrait at "The Artist Chef" Place.

A happy family together

Thursday, April 12, 2007

Penang Chicken Skewers

This my new concoction Penang Chicken Skewers. Indian and Malaysian spices plus the famous white wine from Paris is one great fusion, creating an exciting new dish. Along with the basil rice and ice cold water with lime, this dish is so light but very flavorful.

To prepare:
Marinade chicken breast cutlets with curry powder, paprika and cumin. Add salt, pepper and lime. Lastly put a dash of sugar. Set aside for 2-5 hour in the fridge. For the sauce, heat medium pan with butter add diluted coconut milk. Simmer it for 15 minutes. Add white wine and simmer it again for 10 minutes. Add sugar, curry powder and cumin. Simmer until thick then set aside. Get the chicken from the fridge and place the cutlets in skewers. Heat grilling pan and grill chicken. Do not overcooked. Serve with the sauce.

These are the other shots that I had during my photoshoot.
Food Concoction/Preparation/Food Styling/Photography:
The Artist Chef - Joan M. Manalang

Monday, April 09, 2007

Riezel Correa

Meet Riezel Correa, Vicky Que's friend. She is a product of UP Los Banos and also having her master studies in Korea. Riezel is as nice and friendly as Vicky but somehow bubblier. They have something in common with Vicky and her boyfriend---they both left every plate very empty.

This is the new table set up I prepared. Improving, isn't it?

The Lettuce-Grape-Squid Trio. Really nice and healthy salad.
Good choice as appetizer. Would this salad be the second best?
Next to my Shrimp and Mango Medley.

We had our souvenir photo, of course. Riezel was with her dear
boyfriend David. I think he is working at CANON.

Riezel is so sweet to bring me a bar of Korean Chocolate.
Thanks to you Sweetie...
And for more pictures visit Riezel's blog:

Sunday, April 08, 2007

Vicky Que

Meet Vicky Que, a product of UP Diliman who is currently having her masteral studies in Korea. Vicky became my customer when she came across The Artist Chef article from Anton's blog. When she read about it, she was still in Korea and we had our communication thru email. So when they finally dined, they showed me their great enthusiasm with the food I served---leaving every plate really empty. :-)

Vicky was with her Boyfriend Andrew. This photo was made
possible with the use of their tripod.

This is the table setting I made for them.

The mood and ambience. By the way to view more photos of their dinner,
visit Vicky's blog at:

Saturday, April 07, 2007

Julius Albin Lim

Meet Julius Albin Lim, graphic artist at the ABS-CBN Interactive. Along with him is his "special Friend." Both of them are camera shy that's why I only have two souvenir photos that I can post. But I think they enjoyed each other while having their dinner, it took them three and half hours to converse and eat. Good sign, you think?

And here's another picture of Albin

This is me texting Albin while waiting for them to arrive.

My food preparation during that night. Reggie took these pictures
and helped me in serving the food.

Well the only food picture I got.

Friday, April 06, 2007

Anton Diaz

Meet Anton Diaz of the famous blogsite Our Awesome Planet and also a one-of-a-kind IT person from Procter and Gamble. I would like to thank him for featuring The Artist Chef Experience in his blog. Along with him is his very lovely wife Rachelle, but mind you...she is butter conscious :-) In Anton's blog you will always see their son Aidan in the photos, I requested Anton not to bring him to have an intimate dinner with his wife. Aside from that the place is also small. I think Rachelle is preggy, I'm happy for both of them because they are good couple.

Another Candid and lovely shot for the lovey-dovey couple.
By the way here's the link to Anton's blog about The Artist Chef Experience,
from which I've learned a lot.

This is the old set up that I did for Anton and wife Rachel. As time goes by
you will see the improvement thru this blog.

The Kikay Mermaid with Sequins. My very own painting. I think this is
the last time I'm gonna give away my painting as symbol of my gratitude.
Next time may bayad na. :-p