Tuesday, August 25, 2009

QTV 11 Food Fair

This is my long over due post. It took me how many months to remember that I had this fun and exciting experience at The Beat's TARA LETS Food Fair last October 18, 2008. The event took place at Eastwood City, Libis. I cooked several foods and brought to the venue. I didn't earn much but I gained so much fun with this happy experience.

Chicken Curry Fried Rice PHP 100.00
Chorizo Jalapeño Fried Rice PHP 100.00
Veggie with Mango Penne Pasta PHP 150.00
Mango Jelly Brulee PHP 100.00
Eggplant Caviar PHP 100.00
Lemon-Cinnamon Pastillas PHP 120.00

The hosts of the TV program THE BEAT
Tonipet Gaba & Ivan Merina

The interview and the I.D.

It was really dead tiring selling my food but on the contrary I was happy despite being tired. This experience is something new on my part and another additional adventure to my library of The Artist Chef memories.

These two Chinese dudes just checked out on me and asked several questions and I was reminded that these two guys didn't purchase any. Hehe! :D

With the very nice and accommodating Macoy. Thanks for always remembering me and making me part of QTV 11 event and TV shows :-)

Aside from my family who came to grace my food fair, good friends Marni & Pam visited and purchased some of my foodies. And I was very glad that they came. I gave them some foodies for FREE!

Thank you so much QTV 11 and to the TV program THE BEAT for not forgetting me. Thank you also to good friend Tonipet Gaba and Macoy. This experiece was very memorable, it added another joy and learning on my part.

Am I going to have my next FOOD FAIR here in Saigon? :)

joanie xxx

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing. Cute cute naman ni Artist Chef! hope to meet you in person.

Mye Mye