Tuesday, September 08, 2009

TWINS - My Boxing Gears

These are my boxing gears that came from Thailand. The famous TWINS! I asked my friend Warren Santiago who's working in Bangkok to buy me gloves and hand wraps. He went all the way to Lumipini stadium to buy them. Surprisingly he gave me additional stuffs as his pasalubong, the kick boxing ankle support and the sando tank top. I'm sooo touched. Warren never fails to give me some pasalubong wherever he goes. I just can forget the first pasalubong he gave me during college, the small koala bear from Australia. Since then this friend of mine constantly gave me pasalubongs through the years. On the other hand my good friend Paolo Garcia brought it here in Saigon from Bangkok. He had his online in Bangkok for his TVC. He also had the chance to see Warren after how many years already. These two guys were classmates during college. To think they were never my classmates, they have been my good friends through the years.

Sando Tank Top (For the Lady Boxer in Me)

Ankle supporters & Hand wraps

Family shot photo which I took in my apartment

I already started my boxing class mixed with some cardio. I was able to meet the famous David Minetti, a French fighter. He's the owner of K1 Fitness Factory where I box. He's very accommodating and very nice to me. I also met his brother FX Minetti. He's my instructor in my boxing class. After having my boxing class, I can't imagine on how to be a Manny Pacquiao! Honestly, my class was very tiring and made me a bit dizzy but I was able to survive. I have never been this happy and fulfilled with what I do. So I am keeping this up.

Now I am ready to punch and kick some ass! :-)

joanie xxx

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Mr. PINKMOON said...

Wow Joanie! I think I haven't read your blog for a month or less then there you go... a lady boxer!

Keep it up. You cool girl! :)