Wednesday, September 16, 2009

David Droga

"David Droga, the closest thing the advertising world has to a rock star!"

 Before you begin to read my post, I am happy to share that --I was happy to receive an email this morning from Mindy Liu of Droga 5, New York. She corrected me on the last paragraph of this post regarding David Droga. I stand corrected as some of my knowledge are inaccurate. So I revised the blog entry for a more precise information about the man I admire. I am flabbergasted and flattered that his assistant stumbled upon my blog and hopefully he had read it as well :)

I think everyone loves this guy not just Saatchi & Saatchi creatives but the advertising people from around the world. David Bjorn Droga--A 40 year old Australian who is the product of a Danish mother and a Jewish businessman father. He began his advertising career from the bottom rung of the ladder -- the mailroom boy at Grey Advertising, Sydney who wanted to write, saw the work on creatives' desks and thought he could do better. He signed up to the Australian Writer & Art Directors School, came top in ranking in the entire Australia then he was immediately offered a job at FCB. Three years later, at 21, he became the youngest Creative Director (based on what I know.)
At age 26, he was offered the job of Regional Executive Creative Director of Saatchi Asia, based in Singapore. Not the typical creative person, Droga put the region on the map by winning more awards than other offices in the network, including London. So, after invading Asia, Droga once again given a fresh challenge. He became the Executive Creative Director of Saatchi & Saatchi in London, where the agency was shaking after they lost their major accounts and staff. It was a difficult start for him, the British ad community asking 'Dave who?' and wondering what on earth this young Australian had to offer. He proved so much than what was asked from him.
With his continuous success, Droga is now based in New York as the founder and Creative Chairman of Droga 5. An indpendent and fastest growing ad agency in America. It opened in New York and Los Angeles year 2006, then another one in Sydney, Australia around 2008. In Australia, Creative Magazine has named him as "AUSTRALIAN CREATIVE PERSON OF THE DECADE."
Aside from having a wife and three children in Manhattan, building a new venture, David's favorite topics are ART, Environment and anything Australian.

During his show off in the Philippines with Filipino Creatives as his audience

Yesterday,  Droga was in Manila. All Saatchi people and the rest of Filipino Creatives were giggling while this guy held his talk. But the real story behind those giggles was, David took off his shirt and tried to fit one of Team Manila's shirt during his talk for the creatives in the Philippines. Team Manila was the sponsor of David Droga's Talk. So after his talk, I vehemently agree, after several argument with friends that David Droga is not only a HOT creative but soooo HOT as man! (common, after he shown those muscles - who will not be convinced?!)

One of my biggest life dreams is to work for David Droga Sydney. It may be very difficult as passing the thread in to the needle hole --- but when you dream, dream bigger since it's FREE! They may not need me as additional in the creative but I will be more than willing to take an internship as tea lady or food lady and share them my exciting recipes on food and maybe they will be interested to have my creative recipes in mind as well.

Is still on high with DROGA!

joanie xxx


Mr. PINKMOON said...

David Droga? Is this another Jamie Oliver in your life :p

Fraz said...

Ms. Joanie, your blog totally inspires other bloggers to blog more. Hope you continue writing...
Since you were featured in qtube, there was no week i would not view your blog. God bless you...

Joanie said...

Oh yeah! From British to Aussie :)

Thank you so much for visiting my blog. I hope you will continue to visit...
Take Care :)