Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Australia Day 2010

How's it going down under? Another year passed by and I just want to send this greeting...

Happy Australia Day to all the Aussies around the globe :-)

How time flies and today I am reminded that it's my third year of celebrating this special day. It also serves as a reminder that I shouldn't give up my Australian dream. I wrote last year a lot of things about how I fell in love with this country. It's more than two years ago since I last visited Oz. How I terribly miss being there. I still remember how teary eyed I felt when the plane landed on Brisbane. So much joy when I saw the Sydney landscape while I was still in the plane. Indescribable feeling and unfathomable happiness.

Even though I am 8 hours away from Oz I still do join them in celebrating their big day! And my only way to do that is to do some cooking the Ozzie way. Last year I grilled pork which I marinated with black beer & honey. This year is the repeat of the same porky recipe but this time I marinated it with Coopers stout beer and spices. Aside from that my Fusilli Pesto with Sun dried tomatoes is ready. After office I will quickly run to the French bakeshop called Tours Les Jours to buy a small cake.

Somewhere in Geelong, Victoria - Australia

Somewhere in Portland, Victoria - Australia

Featherdale National Park, Sydney - Australia

London Bridge at The Great Ocean Road, Victoria -Australia

The Roof of Sydney Opera House - Australia

Missing Oz makes me feel pressured about my dream. Oftentimes I wonder if that will turn into a reality. Would I still get a Permanent Residence Visa? I am still praying for that. Sometimes I feel sad because the day something in my life crashed, I thought along with that is my Australian dream. That is what I thought so. But I told myself that as long as I breathe I will continue to dream for myself. As you see in my photos--like the cows they seem to have no direction and they seem to walk infinitely but surprisingly their purpose is to provide us milk everyday. Same as the unique plant I saw in Oz, I was bewildered that it exist and I do believe it has a unique purpose. Also with the little kangaroo that I never thought I will get that close to be able to feed and cuddle it. Maybe fate brought me there. Like the moment I touched the roof of the Sydney Opera House, it was an amazing feeling touching it. To think its not nice when you see it in a closer distance. And lastly the rock formation at The Great Ocean Road which Aussie called "The London Bridge." Its myth is about 2 people who fell in love. I do believe that the order of events in my life has a meaning. Each of us serves a great purpose and along with that lies a great dream.

Getting ready for Aussie Day dinner Saigon style!

joanie xxx


RJ said...

Happy Australia Day Joan! U

Good luck in your dream of getting the Australian residency, go for the citizenship, as well. I am always inspired to stay and endure the trials in the 'other side' of Australia everytime I read your posts about the 'good things' in this continent! o",)

I have to refocus, I think. I agree, there are more than a thousand beautiful and lovely reasons to fall in love with this nation and its people!

Where's your picture in the Great Ocean Road and the Twelve Apostles? Those stacks of limestone sticking out of the water must be representing a lot of meaningful messages in your life, as well.

Joy said...

So lovely to read about you celebrating Australia Day Joanie! I do hope you can come back to Australia soon. You would be a lovely person to have in this country!
Best Wishes

Joanie said...

Awww... I am touched to hear from you that I inspired you to keep going. Yeah you have to focus on the good side and proclaim that good things will happen. If Australia is a person he will be my prince charming.

I edited my blog and added one photo of my Great Ocean Road trip. There are thousands of photos I had when I went there. Regarding the Citizenship, maybe I should marry an Aussie for me to have one :p But for now, I'd be happy just to have a PR or even a student's visa lang :)

I am happy to have my constant reader from Melbourne! Thank you for the good things you said. Really looking forward to go back in your beautiful country :-)

Mr. PINKMOON said...

Hi Joan
Maybe you're right about marrying an Aussie. Speaking of that, how's your Aussie dude? Have you spoken to him lately? ;p

Cheerios to your future Australia day celebration in Oz!!!

neil said...

Happy Australia Day to you, though your post makes me a bit sad to realize that for the moment, your dreams are on hold. Australia could only be for the better with you as a citizen. Good luck for the future.

Joanie said...

I was kidding when I said that. But who knows about the future? And yeah I am talking again with my Aussie friend.

Thank you for the greeting. I am happier now because I am in touch with few Australian bloggers. And all of them are nice including you Neil. Yeah hopefully my dream will come true very soon :)

Anonymous said...

I wish your dream will one day come true Ms. Artist Chef. Good luck on your cooking in Saigon for the meantime

Mye Mye

Anonymous said...

Happy belated Australia Day! Wishing you all the best with your Australian residency :)

Anonymous said...

Wow its funny to stumble on your blog and see you touching opera house roof. nice one ms chef..

Greetings from Brisbane!

My name is Jimmy Clark. Just call me Jim. Nice blog btw.

Top 100 Australian Blogs said...

Hey Mate!
Check this out! Yo mighta want to visit each. Hope you'll be part of it.

Happy OZZIE Day!

Do you have roo in Saigon for barbie?!

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Joanie said...

I am happy that you still read my blog from time to time. U should blog too...

Thanks for dropping by at my blog again. I am happy to visit your blog too =)

G'day Brisbane! Thanks for stopping by. Hope you will go back again mate!

Thanks for the visit. That will be great if I'd be given the privilege. As of now I am a member of the Australian Blogger Ring!

Thanks for reading =)