Monday, May 17, 2010

Life's about Herbs & Spices

Good Monday Morning Mates!

Just woke up with a lovely morning and ate a nice bread and cheese for breakfast. If I would playback yesterday morning when I woke up, there were butterflies in my stomach. Today it's like smelling the breeze of daises and tulips. Life is sometimes boring--I have to say that. But surprisingly I can attest that some days are better than others. And that was my Sunday afternoon. Better than the days I had in months.

So I could probably say that life is bringing its flavors again since yesterday. It was very mild and subtle the past few months. Now I can see the taste coming out. To bring this figurative emotion to literal translation, I moved to my kitchen and checked out my cupboard and see what I got in there. I have different herbs and spices to play around for my quick photoshoot at my veranda.

Paprika, Cayenne Pepper, Ground Black Pepper, Peppercorn, Cumin, Turmeric, Curry Powder, Tandoori Powder, Saffron, Cinnamon, Rosemary, Marjoram, Thyme & Basil --- They spiced up my everyday dishes in one way or another. I still have to get more of my herbs and spices like star anise, sage, cardamon, dill, fennel, nutmeg, oregano, tarragon, wasabi and some more that I might forget to mention.

Life is sometimes half full, half empty. Sometimes it's drought & empty but most of the time it's full & overflowing. Some famous proverbs say that in times of emptiness and you are in a deep well, you just have to climb up and tell yourself this too shall pass. On the other hand I read a famous poem from a children's book author Shel Silverstein-- it says, that someone has been to the land of happy and he said that life there is a bore. True. We can't just live a happy and perfect life. Sometimes the beauty of life is seeing the flaws and experiencing difficulties. Life offers a 360 degrees view. Don't just take one angle. Rotate and explore.

Live life from mild to spicy!

joanie xxx


Joy said...

The spices in your life are so pretty! And you make them into beautiful works of art!
Keep having good days Joanie!

Mr. PINKMOON said...

Life is spicy lately? or herby?
Nice way of putting it figuratively & literally. I like your photos :)

Debbie Martin said...

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Debbie Martin said...

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Joanie said...

Thank you because Melbourne has a kind and sweet person like you.
God Bless you & the YAMddaisy :)

Thank you. SOmetimes I get futile and irrelevant attacks form a commenter. That's the spice of life!
Seriously life is cool, Blessings are coming. Can't thank God enough. So I just want to be a blessing to other people :)

What a lovely surprise mate! Thanks for dropping, yeah I am in the Australian blog ring...

The site you gave me is cool :)

RJ said...

Na-inspire ako! Thanks. U

Joanie said...

Hello RJ!!!
It's been a while,Glad your back :)

Lyndon said...

Nice twist. nice spice & nice photography! LOL