Saturday, May 22, 2010

Salmon Omelette-Crepe-Pizza

Good evening England, France & Italy!

It's raining a bit here in Saigon and I realized that I've been living in this chaotic city of motorbike for a year now. Tonight I did again my recent favorite concoction. It was surprisingly a lip-smacking dish. The common reaction I get when I have this dish tasted among good friends-- they said that the taste is confusing but in a good way. Indescribable taste that you cannot identify so you just keeps slicing a piece of it from time to time. Actually that's the intention. Capturing three of my favorite comfort foods in one dish. Obviously I like English Omelette, French Crepe & Italian Pizza--- so that's the reason why this dish was born. The Mozzarella cheese and toppings of either Salmon or Bacon will surely makes this dish more gorgeous! And don't forget to put in some Tabasco's on top.



• Salmon (thinly sliced)
• Eggs
• Milk & Flour
• Mozarella Cheese
• Basil / Marjoram
• Salt & Pepper
• Tabascos
• Butter (of course)


Beat eggs in a big bowl then slowly add the milk and a little of flour. Beat them all together then add salt. Heat your teflon pan in medium temperature then melt butter. Add the beaten mixture of egg/milk/flour. Turn the pan in low heat. Let it cook for 3 minutes then top it with Salmon. Next, add Basil/Marjoram/Pepper then sprinkle it with Mozzorella cheese. Cover the pan and allow it cook for 5-8 minutes under low heat. When the cheese melted, turn the heat in high temperature and remove the cover. Allow the flame heats for 30 seconds then it's ready. Slice it like a pizza then add some tabascos!

Hope you enjoy this confused dish of mine :)

joanie xxx


Joy said...

What an exciting dish! It would be lovely shared among friends. (Or eaten watching something good on tv!)

Ibyang said...

this looks yummy. i love salmon. i'll try this soon! thanks!

Joanie said...

I tried it with good friend, it was fun. I tried it when I'm alone it was fun too :)

It is indeed. I am really surprised about the outcome of this dish. Tell me your story when you try it! :D

RJ said...

I love crepes! Paano ba gumawa ng pancake para sa crepes? Turuan mo naman ako, Ms Joanie. When you visit Australia, daan ka rito sa place ko. o",) We'll visit the Adelaide Central Market together-- may masarap na crepes du'n!

Paano ba itong Salmon Omellette-Crepe-Pizza, eat it with rice?

Joanie said...


Crepe is done similar to pancakes but the thing is, the mixture is thinner. I'd be excited to visit Adelaide and your chook! Now I have a new destination aside from Sydney & Melbourne on my trip back to Oz. Hopefully matuloy na next year.

This recipe is eaten like an appetizer or afternoon snack not with rice. But its up to you hehe! Btw, I'll make a blog banner for u when I'm not busy I'll let you know one of these days!

Debbie Martin said...

G'day Joan! This looks excitingly yummy! Obviously there are some herbs in there. Nice use of Marjoram and Basil...

Anonymous said...

So what is the dominant taste? Pizza? Omelette? or crepe? sounds weird but i think it tastes yummy as picture shown. Nice!