Monday, January 17, 2011

Aubergine Caviar

Aubergine is one of my favorite vegetables. The most fascinating purple edible living creature that is way better than Grimace from the American Mickey D's! This vegetable served its useful purposes through a lot of dishes around the world that made this as one of the ingredients. From main dishes, pastas, salads, pies, I am sharing you a dip recipe that uses aubergine as the hero ingredient. I have done this concoction several times and it never fails to amaze people who tasted it. The simple preparation surprisingly creates a magnificent flavor. I sold a lot of containers of this dip when I had it in my first bazaar last 2008 and for the second time around I had it again in my bazaar Christmas of 2010. It was another sold out dish among the food I was selling.



• Aubergines (grilled and peeled)
• Cream Cheese
• White Onions (minced)
• Plain Yoghurt
• Turmeric
• Curry Powder
• Paprika
• Ground Black Pepper
• Salt
• Virgin Olive Oil
• Butter (of course)


After grilling and peeling the Aubergine, place them in a huge bowl. Mash it using the potato masher and set aside. In a medium temperature, heat pan with butter then add minced onions. Saute for a few minutes then sprinkle a little amount of turmeric, curry powder, paprika, salt and pepper. Add yogurt then fold it. Allow the yoghurt to acquire the flavor of the spices and onions. Turn the temperature into a low heat then add the mashed eggplant. Add in some olive oil until it generously covers the entire mixture. Turn off the heat then add the cream cheese and mash it. Fold it all together then put it in a jar or ramekin. This dip can be served hot or cold with flat bread, ciabatta, foccacia or even baguette.

This recipe is requested by my dear friend who is all the way from Montreal, Canada. I am sharing this dish so he can try it since he cannot taste my cooking. I hope he enjoys eating this one and I hope the rest of you guys will do.

This post is dedicated to KYRKE

big hug,
joanie xxx


Joy said...

Yum yum yum yum yum yum!
I agree with you, aubergine is a glorious vegetable ~ it makes so many wonderful dishes!
Cheers Joanie!

Joanie said...

Thanks Mama Joy...
I want to do some Eggplant Parmigiana soon :D

Michael Toa said...

I love aubergines too. They are so under appreciated I think. When cooked properly they are glorious.
This caviar dish looks wonderful. I have to give this a try.
Have a great day Joanie.

Debbie Martin said...

It's just exciting too look forward to your post, knowing you will use the spice! :D

Joanie said...

Hi Michael you should really give it a try... the way we both tried Jamie's turkey :)

Debbie, spices are my default as usual :p

pigpigscorner said...

Love aubergine too, so tasty and versatile!

pierre said...

i love caviar aubergine looks like summer to me !!!pierre

pierre said...

o love caviar aubergine looks summer time to me !!Pierre

Anonymous said...

This looks delicious!!!

Joanie said...

Pipigs corner, thanks for dropping by :-)

Ellie and Pierre, it is indeed :-)

RJ said...

I was having trouble posting my comment here last week. Sayang, ubos na ang Lebanese bread ko ngayon, last week marami pa.

Ano namang drinks ang nababagay dito, Joanie?

Joanie said...

Hi RJ... kung may skyflakes crackers ka, pede din ang dip na ito. Or kung may pasta ka, add this and topped with mozzarella cheese then bake it quickly... YUM! :D