Friday, January 07, 2011

New Year's Eve Turkey for 2011

Hello mates! Allow me to say Buon anno a tutti!

Year 2010 was the best year of my life so far. It's just hard to say goodbye to the year that was very amazing, fantastic, superb and euphoric! No sufficient adjectives to describe what I have learned and experienced the past months. The turn of events and scenarios tremendously accelerated as the year ends. And to give the exclamation mark for this year---it was about the magical moment of meeting the one and only person I admired the most and he's none other than Mr. Jamie Oliver! Since he's my inspiration about my great passion in cooking, I have finally tried doing turkey for the first time. Definitely I followed the Jamie's variety of turkey recipes he had in his cookbooks and website. I also did his roasted vegetables recipe although I didn't copy his gravy but came out with my own version. And thank God I can say it's also a gravy that is to die for!

To recap what happened in 2010, I remember it started with my barbecue cooking for Australia day on January then followed by my very adventurous jungle trekking. Came February I visited the world's famous Angkor Wat in Cambodia and experienced the Vietnamese holiday during their Lunar New Year. The next month was March, which is the most challenging part of my life because I have to undergo an operation. It was a successful operation and my father came here in Saigon to take care of me. After March came April-- my most favorite month of the year because it's my birthday. It was a different birthday because I spent it on the beach with my friends and did parasailing for the first time. Then the middle part of the year arrived between the months of May and June where in I was able to get my UK visa. Third quarter is another travel experience for me when I visited Singapore for the first time to catch up with some friends and rode the Singapore Flyer. July swiftly ended and before I knew it--it's already August.

August was the time of the year where I had to go home to Manila and fixed a lot stuff as I received my Schengen visa for my Europe trip. The arrival of September means excitement because of my first solo painting exhibition. But at the same time itwas the toughest month because of my new job and then I have to take off for a month long vacation by October. The most difficult situation I had was to bargain my unpaid vacation leave to my boss. In the end I victoriously win and went for the October UK-Europe trip.

The most special month for last year was October. I travelled to UK and European countries then experienced a lot of new things, met a lot of amazing people and of course as I always repeat---I met my one and only idol Jamie Oliver! November was just about rejuvenising and reminiscing the best 25 days of my life in UK and Europe. Certainly December is for Christmas and it was my first here in Saigon and just spent it on the Beach and got a bit of a tan.

That's pretty much for the year that swiftly went away. I already said my farewell to 2010 and toasted for the new year with a few good friends in Saigon with my lips-smacking turkey for New Year's eve dinner night!

Here's to an exciting 2011 that ROCKS! :-)

big hug,
joanie xxx


Michael Toa said...

Happy New Year-ish! May this year be joyful and delicious!
The turkey looks wonderful! Cannot go wrong with Jamie... :)

Joanie said...

Yeah Michael...the Jamie Oliver recipes never fail to amaze me up to these days! :D

Debbie Martin said...

Wow what a year for you Joanie!!! Fabulous! The turkey looks perfectly cooked. Thanks for the post, looks like a delish NY dinner :)

pierre said...

hello the Artist
My turn to wish you the best for 2011!!chers de Paris Pierre

Joanie said...

Hi Debbie finally I was able to post it. More stuff to post. Just been busy lately...

Bonjour! Thanks for the wishes Pierre :)