Sunday, August 14, 2011

Ablaze the beauty of LONDON!

This was my first London trip last October. Yes it's almost a year already since then and it's just now that I am alerted to post it. This week, I just received another UK visa and I am off to go to London again and some parts of UK to spend Christmas Holiday this coming December. Amidst all the riots and ablaze buildings, I was reminded that I haven't post the beauty of one of my favorite cities in the world that I finally conquered. The first two photos are the typical London tourist photos that I am pretty much sure that you've seen it a thousand or million times! I do have a lot of photos with Big Ben, Westminster Abbey, Hyde Park, Buckingham Palace, Picadilly and the London eye. But I feel I'd like to share on my blog some photos I didn't put in my Facebook album. Some photos that is also about London that people should know...

Nice Tour Guide at Sandeman Tour at The Wellington Arch

Saatchi Gallery London

House where I stayed at Morpet Place, Victoria - London

Notting Hill at Portabello Market

Bricklane Gallery at Bricklane Road

Around Windsor Castle

The famous Stonehenge

Middle of nowhere between Stonehenge and Oxford

Double Decker Bus

Inside Old Spitalfields Market

Stumbled on students somewhere in Old Street, North London

Old Tom - Named after Tom Tower and the name of the bell

Inside Oxford University

The inspiration of Harry Potter's scar on the forehead

And the first thing I saw at China Town - London

Some of the photos are one or two hour drive outside London. The Stonehenge, Windsor Castle and Oxford University are worth to visit just give yourself more time. Don't squeeze them in one day like what I did. You will miss a lot opportunities. It's like you are shuffling from one place to another just to get a photo. Savor the moment because there's so much beauty that your eyes shoyld see. Anyways, all the loverly people of London and the rest of the world-- I'm so sleepy now and I must hit the sack.

Goodnight LOVE!!! :-)

big hug,
joanie xxx


Joy said...

Gorgeous snapshots of London! How exciting to be looking forward to another holiday these!

Joanie said...

Thanks Joy! I am really looking forward not just to London but my Italy as well :)

RJ said...

I wanted to congratulate you for another UK visa!

Your photo in the phone booth reminds me of the Ministry of Magic. It's been my dream to visit England, my mom's sister is living in London.

Beautiful photos, Joanie. :)

Michael Toa said...

I look forward to your next visit to the UK. We should totally hang out and eat! :) Do send me emails.

Joanie said...

Yeah spending Holiday in London for Christmas will be awesome. I'm happy to meet up with Filipinos if there's any I know.

We should this time... I will email about a lot of things :D

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