Thursday, May 29, 2008

Aileen Paglinawan

Meet Aileen or "A" for short. She's my cousin Gary's good friend. And it was Kuya Gary's idea to surprise Aileen and her boyfriend for an intimate dinner at my place. He reserved the date and told Aileen that he had a pasalubong for her which she was supposed to get at my place together with her boyfriend on March 2. So on that date, Aileen and her boyfriend were truly surprised. They had enjoyed their Thai set meal so much. Plus while they were having dinner I asked them if it's ok to watch Rated K! for one specific segment. They were also surprised to see me on TV in Korina's top rated show.

After the dinner Aileen told me, "Now I understand why Gary insisted that I can only get the pasalubong on March 2." She found that very weird daw. "Ganun daw ba ako ka busy?" Well at least now she knows.

The most touching part was when Aileen gave me this gift--a tumbler from Starbucks, which is exactly the same as Kris Aquino's tumbler. I thank them both for the token they gave me. Every time I encounter thoughtful customers, my heart truly melts. Most of my friends say that I am blessed to meet so many sweet people. For that I am very thankful!!!


Daydreamer said...

wow sweet, may gift for you! how thoughtful.

anton said...

you have really sweet customers. ;) i like them..

Joan said...

Sweet talaga mga customers ko...
I'm always touched.

Kaya I love Artist Chef so much!

Thanks Julette and Anton for always visiting my blog :-)