Thursday, May 08, 2008

Gee Ann Pineda

The fourth couple who tried my valentine's month dinner special: Gee Ann and Wally. Gee Ann was a TV reporter in a Japanese News program a couple of years ago. She and my former customer Marian Trinidad were colleagues during that time and they parted when she transferred to ABC 5 as a reporter. She narrated how she started as a crime reporter or what she called her graveyard shift. She said that is the starting point of every reporter's career. Before you can cover major events in the society, a reporter must first experience the graveyard shift. Years passed by and Gee Ann decided to settle in the news office of ABC 5 as a correspondent. She said reporting is a very demanding job and will consume all your precious time. She just wants to live a normal life, I guess. So how about her boyfriend Wally? Wally is Gee Ann's long time friend since college. After how many years they realized that they were meant for each other. So as of last February Gee Ann told me that they are more than one year in their relationship. I wish they would end up together because they are very sweet couple.

The evidence of the crime.

The thank you gift that Gee Ann and Wally gave me. They are really sweet isn't it? The paper holder is from IKEA by the way.

For the month of February I gave take home goodies for the couple. The cake that I gave Gee Ann & Wally was from Cafe Ysabel. Unlike last December all my take home goodies were from Yumi Castrillo, maker of yummy cupcakes.

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