Friday, May 23, 2008

FRIANDS, Anyone? (AUS post7)

Forget cupcakes. I've discovered Friands. They may look like muffins, but they're not quite the same. Friands are actually French cupcakes. Although French in origin, Friands became famous in Australia. In fact, it's one of their staple foods.

Friands are made of Almond meal, flour, butter, egg white and fruits of your choice.

One weekend my cousin, his wife, and Reggie went on a long drive to South Coast of New South Wales. Passing thru Wollongong, Kiama and Ulladulla, we reached our destination, Sanctuary Point. Menchie and her Aussie husband Phil welcomed us to their house. I had an afternoon of cooking lessons with Tita Mench. She taught me how to bake Friands.

I don't bake for one major reason–I don't have an oven. But if I had one, I would definitely be baking and roasting a lot. I was very excited when Tita Menchie demonstrated how to bake Friands. Too bad there's no oval-shaped baking mold here in Manila. That's the distinct shape of Friands--oval. And almond meal here is too expensive and rare. This blog makes me miss the life I had in Australia. I promise to get back. I shall return. Ciao OZ!

Thanks Tita Menchie for accommodating us and to your husband Phil for his warm hospitality!

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