Friday, February 08, 2008

Marian Trinidad

A former TV news correspondent based in Japan dined at my place. Marian has been married for almost a year and now works in the same industry as her husband. As a newly wed couple, they shared with me their experiences during their wedding venue research. They said that it's quite hard to choose the right venue to match your budget. Most of their research was about Tagaytay. Hmmm… I am somehow leaning towards the same direction. They came across Antonio's Hideaway, Hacienda Isabel, Sonya's Garden, Ville Sommet, Nurture Spa, Balai Inday and Tagatay Highlands. But they ended up celebrating their big day at Ponderosa Club House. Actually it's not really a wedding venue that anyone can rent. They are lucky to know someone who owns a house in Ponderosa that's why they were able to rent the clubhouse at a very cheap rate. They described the garden as majestic and picturesque. For them it's the perfect wedding venue. Would you believe that my conversation with them lasted for more than an hour and they stayed at my place for almost four hours? The conversation was all worth it.

I was surprised that both of them are very sweet and not shy about showing their feelings for each other.

Whoah! This is my peppery Sagada Fried Rice with Buttered Breakfast Beef in Kepap Manis sauce.

A sweet and intimate moment.

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Sheila said...

Hi!I'm a good friend of Marian Trinidad from high school..I've been looking for her contact number and I accidentally found her on your blog..I hope you can help me get in touch with her. Thanks. Sheila