Monday, February 11, 2008

Pappy Piolo Day

A few more days and yes it's Valentine's Day already! I bet most couples will have their special date with their special someone on that day. And for the single ladies out there, I am quite sure that most of you are dying to have a date like Piolo Pascual! And who wouldn't?

Well just want people to know that aside from The Artist Chef that happens every Sunday of my life, advertising is my real bread and butter. Let me just share a short story: last year I had this photo shoot for a print ad with the most popular hunk in show business which happens to be BDO's endorser–Piolo Pascual. BDO is one of the big brands I am handling in the ad agency I am working with now. One of the tasks of an Art Director is to attend the photo shoot and work with the photographer. Our photographer that time was Raymond Isaac and has this studio house with a very cozy interior somewhere in Makati. I love being an Art Director but sometimes I get tired and how I wish I can do The Artist Chef everyday. In cooking there's no boss to please and no client to make you feel stressed–I am both the master and the servant.

Tight kami!

The Hunk?

With the ad agency, Raymond Isaac & Piolo!

Celebrity gallery inside Raymond Isaac's studio.

Well... Papa P's famous HUMMER!


Anonymous said...

shouldnt you keep his plate number private???

Meow Opre said...

Piolo is very good looking and bubbly. Indeed one of the most liked male celebrity of today. I am looking forward to his movie with Sarah - The Breakup Playlist. I wanted to cover the movie's OST but I don't sing well. I am sharing the lyrics & chords instead. :) Good day ahead :D
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