Friday, February 15, 2008

Mayei Agcaoili

This was the "Sister Act" dinner. My customer Ia Kalaw reserved a dinner as a gift to her sister Mayei, who came all the way from London with her husband Dennis. They're British citizens and they're familiar with with my favorite chef–Jamie Oliver. Mayei said she doesn't like Jamie that much and I told her that according to London's websites, newspapers and TV–you either love him or hate him. As for me, I LOVE HIM! We talked about a lot of things in Jamie's life. It was a very interesting conversation that I did not want to end. I can be very talkative when it comes to certain topics. Mayei and Dennis, I had a great time!

They liked the Paella ala Juana so much.

Caramelized Benguet Strawberries with Chocolate and Cream.

Oh my I look preggy with this dress!

How can I forget to give credit to Ia who also went there that night with her special friend Miguel to bring her Ate Mayei to my place. She gave me a special little something. She told me that it's her Christmas present for me. I'm touched. I also gave her Strawberry Wine from La Trinidad, Benguet as my way of thanking her.

Nice pink earrings from Ia Alano.

Monday, February 11, 2008

Pappy Piolo Day

A few more days and yes it's Valentine's Day already! I bet most couples will have their special date with their special someone on that day. And for the single ladies out there, I am quite sure that most of you are dying to have a date like Piolo Pascual! And who wouldn't?

Well just want people to know that aside from The Artist Chef that happens every Sunday of my life, advertising is my real bread and butter. Let me just share a short story: last year I had this photo shoot for a print ad with the most popular hunk in show business which happens to be BDO's endorser–Piolo Pascual. BDO is one of the big brands I am handling in the ad agency I am working with now. One of the tasks of an Art Director is to attend the photo shoot and work with the photographer. Our photographer that time was Raymond Isaac and has this studio house with a very cozy interior somewhere in Makati. I love being an Art Director but sometimes I get tired and how I wish I can do The Artist Chef everyday. In cooking there's no boss to please and no client to make you feel stressed–I am both the master and the servant.

Tight kami!

The Hunk?

With the ad agency, Raymond Isaac & Piolo!

Celebrity gallery inside Raymond Isaac's studio.

Well... Papa P's famous HUMMER!

Friday, February 08, 2008

Marian Trinidad

A former TV news correspondent based in Japan dined at my place. Marian has been married for almost a year and now works in the same industry as her husband. As a newly wed couple, they shared with me their experiences during their wedding venue research. They said that it's quite hard to choose the right venue to match your budget. Most of their research was about Tagaytay. Hmmm… I am somehow leaning towards the same direction. They came across Antonio's Hideaway, Hacienda Isabel, Sonya's Garden, Ville Sommet, Nurture Spa, Balai Inday and Tagatay Highlands. But they ended up celebrating their big day at Ponderosa Club House. Actually it's not really a wedding venue that anyone can rent. They are lucky to know someone who owns a house in Ponderosa that's why they were able to rent the clubhouse at a very cheap rate. They described the garden as majestic and picturesque. For them it's the perfect wedding venue. Would you believe that my conversation with them lasted for more than an hour and they stayed at my place for almost four hours? The conversation was all worth it.

I was surprised that both of them are very sweet and not shy about showing their feelings for each other.

Whoah! This is my peppery Sagada Fried Rice with Buttered Breakfast Beef in Kepap Manis sauce.

A sweet and intimate moment.

Monday, February 04, 2008

Friday, February 01, 2008

Ia Alano

Introducing the most fashionable customer I've ever had--Ms. Ia Alano, who works as a Marketing Officer in Rustan's. Her date that night was Miguel, whom I can say is equally good looking as Ia. They were very sweet to each other so I have no doubt that they will end up in a relationship soon. Ia was the first to experience the Special Christmas Dinner I prepared during the holiday. A special menu for a very special occasion.

Ia's Birthday Celebration!

Grilled Lemon Herb Salmon with Potato Gratine.

With flowers on the floor and not the usual white petals.

Kani & Bean Sprouts Salad with Grilled Peaches.

My very own Frozen Chocolate Foam which I think was Miguel's favorite.

The take home goodies I gave for the month of December:
Cupcakes which I ordered from Yumi Castrillo.

Another reason for me to smile...

Ia handed me this little gift and asked me to open it in front of her so she will know whether I like it or not. She bought this wooden bracelet from an artist who paints for her business.
Thank you so much Ia!