Friday, November 16, 2007

Chocolates from NSW (AUS post1)

You guys wanna know my weakness? Chocolates! Coming from down under, I brought home some chocolate goodies and hoarded them inside my fridge. I'm sooo selfish that I will not share these to my friends and siblings. Just gave my mum and dad 2 packs and I kept the rest. My happiness? Seeing them all together inside my fridge. I know it's so crazy! I posted this pic to give thank Kuya Gary for giving me and Reggie 2 boxes each of European chocolates and to Tita Mechie for giving us one huge pack of Glazed Lebkuchen. Darrel & Lea Chocolate is my favorite brand. They have stores all over Sydney and mostly inside Westfiled Malls. All the chocolates are Australian made, except for the goodies given to us. It's very interesting that most of their chocolates are with wine, champagne and other liquors. Other chocolates that delighted me are the Whittaker's chocolate bars with kiwi and coconut. The chocolates with ginger are my boyfriend's favorite. They are from Darrel & Lea and Whittaker's.

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