Thursday, November 29, 2007

Irene Tan-Gurango

The Artist Chef business continuously clicks because of the article in and I owe Nadia Upton for that. Surprisingly another clickthecity contributor writer dined at my place recently. The girl that rocks my crib, Irene Tan-Gurango! The lady rocker surprised her husband for his birthday with a special dinner. They were a bit late because Irene had a hard time persuading his husband to move out from another party and fly to Makati.

I'm glad that they enjoyed the dinner and found the food I served unique and interesting. Specially my Strawberry Lassi which has a bit of cane vinegar in it. It's really cool to meet couples who are adventurous and experimental with the food they eat.

Tatoo Art. To my surprise, I found a great one on Irene's leg. She sings for a band and his husband is the bassist of MOJO FLY.

Oh I didn't know that the guy dining at my place was Ricky Gurango! I usually associate Mojo Fly with Ali Alejandro, not knowing that this man is the founder.

This man used to be with "HUNGRY YOUNG POETS" together with Barbie Almalbis. When they disbanded Rick formed MOJO FLY.

They are blessed with one kid and still have quality time together.

Another sweet moment that I will remember in my ARTIST CHEF history: the night that Irene left this box of chocolate cake with the guard after having dinner at my place. The guard told me that my visitors came back after they left my place and drop-off the cake. Irene texted and said that it was her token of gratitude because they really enjoyed the dinner. Thanks again Rick and Irene!


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