Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Graffiti Down Under (AUS post2)

As I promised, I will share with you snippets of my adventure in Australia. So let me begin by telling you guys that I am an observer of graffiti art way back caliph8 days. I find British graffiti outstanding. But the Aussies' aren't far behind. As a staring point I'll show you how graffiti became part of my journey down under...

On my first day at Liverpool in Sydney, my boyfriend and I walked along the streets near Goulburn where we are stayed for a month. We suddenly found this huge graffiti wall that matched my jacket. Oh yeah!

On our second week we explored the Bondi Beach area. There are many vulgar graffiti painted on the walls but I this one quickly grabbed my attention. Maybe that's the same reason why my boyfriend posed like this.

Another pic from Bondi graffiti area where I'm wearing this huge North Face jacket that made me look like a hip-hop gurl.

Same week as Bondi, we had our train ride and stopped in the quiet suburb of Newtown. While walking on the street we saw another colorful grafitti wall. As we continued walking, it was pretty clear that this was a place for art enthusiasts and vintage fanatics. There are lots of vintage and cool shops around the area. They sell mostly bags, shirts and small stuff for collectors. It's like the "VINTAGE POP SHOP" in Cubao but with more choices. There are also nice restaurants for the experimental foodies. Most of the restos are Asian and to be specific–Vietnamese. The simplicity and laid-back appeal of this suburb made it a perfect venue for radical artsy people. To balance the contrast, I guess. And I love it the way it is!

See this dirty wall with vandalisms and old posters? You won't find it everywhere, only here in Newtown.

Some posters ain't dirty at all. Plugs! plugs! plugs!

Mingling with a dirty aboriginal artist and some barefoot locals. This artist was asking me if he could paint my sandals with aboriginal art in exchange for some australian dollars. I sadly refused. I just can't with my nike sandals. People in Newtown are flamboyant and weird, but it didn't surprise me. I get to meet a lot of the same kind even here in Manila. So for now I have to say : 'Til my next train stop to the city I fell in love with, Sydney!

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