Monday, November 12, 2007

Jane Chua

I really believe the world is so small that all of us are connected to each other. Take for example Jane Chua who was my customer last August. She was with her boyfriend Christian Wong who happens to be my good friend, Bede Ongtengsiem's classmate in Xavier. Bede's former boss Marj So is also my good friend and now Christian's and Bede's officemate in ABS-CBN. Anyway Jane was amazed and surprised about our connection with each other.

Another Italian set meal was enjoyed by the couple. Cheers!

The sweetness of the chocolate fondue matches the sweet aura of Jane and Christian.

I cropped this photo for me and Jane to have a photo together. Jane reminded me so much how cute petite girls are. ehem. And now I remember that Christian requested me to have a photo with him on their camera, which Jane took. I hope they'll give me a copy.



Cushee said...

Hi Joan!

Your entry was a nice surprise to my otherwise stressful Friday morning. I posted an entry on my sites too.

Best regards,

Joan said...

Thanks Jane!

Read your article about me in your website and saw already the photos you had during the dinner. I enjoyed your dining!!!