Saturday, November 10, 2007

Mr. and Mrs. Fleta

As my good friend Anton said on his comment on this post, my customers belong to various demographics! Artist Chef caters to all ages and all kinds of relationships. Whether you're just friends or in a relationship, married or just dating, and either heterogeneous or homogeneous couple you're very much welcome here. Mr. and Mrs. Fleta were like the age of my parents and it was their daughter Meg who reserved this date for their anniversary.

Mr. Fleta really liked the Spanish potato salad that he left his plate very empty. Oh except for the jalapeno.

The couple told me that they really love Spanish dishes that's why my Paella Valenciana didn't escape the mouth of the hungry couple.

Even the dessert was really good enough per serving and even the taste was "tamang-tama," said Mrs. Fleta.

I wonder how many years they've been married?

I felt like a celebrity when Mrs. Fleta requested for a solo photo with me.

I wish them both good health and a happy life...


anton said...

aba, iba iba na ang demographics ng customers mo.

cool. anyway, welcome back to the phil, im sure madameng naka abang sa artist chef!

Joan said...

Thanks Anton!

Korek! I'm kinda fully booked na 'til january. I'm glad to hear from you again. I miss the food blog that you are posting.